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Setup Web Folder

A web folder allows users to access content in their course files directly from their computer. All course files can be managed from a computer and content can be dragged into that folder and organized as needed.

To Setup Web Folder, under Course Management, Control Panel, click Files, then click on the Course Name.

  course files

In the upper right-hand side of the screen, click Set Up Web Folder.

  setup web folder

The Using Web Folders window will appear.

For Windows Vista, Windows XP or Mac OS, click Show instructions for all Operating Systems. Follow the instructions for your operating system.

For Windows 7, follow the instructions below.

The Course Current Web Address will be highlighted. Right click on the Current Web Address and click Copy.

  web folder url

Click Start, scroll to and click Computer.

   start menu

In an empty white area, right-click, scroll to and select Add a network location.

  add network location

The Add Network Location screen will appear. Click Next.

  add network

The Where do you want to create this network location? window will appear. Click Next.

  custom network location

The Specify the location of your website window will appear. Paste the Current Web Address you copied earlier into the Internet or network address: text box. Click Next.

  network address

The Windows Security window will appear. Enter your RCS UserID and password. Click OK.

  connect to

Enter the name of your course as the new name for the network location. Click Next.

  location name

Click Finish.