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Course Menu - Add a Content Area, Module Page or Blank Page

To work with the Course Menu, make sure you have Edit Mode ON which is located in the upper right-hand corner of your course.

  edit mode on

To add a Course Menu item, point to the plus sign on the Course Menu Toolbar.

add menu item

This will display the pop-out menu showing the options available to add to the Course Menu. Content Area, Module Page, Blank Page, Tool Link, Web Link, Course Link, Subheader or Divider.


Add a Content Area, Module Page or Blank Page

A Content Area contains links to content within the course such as lecture notes, assignments, and tests.

A Module Page is a page with content boxes or modules. A user can navigate inside of the modules without navigating to a separate content page. Examples of modules to include are alerts, announcements, calendar, report card, to do and what's new.

A Blank Page is a page you can create that contains a title, text and/or attachments. 

To add a Content Area, Module Page or Blank Page point your mouse over the plus sign course menu toolbar plus sign on the Course Menu Toolbar to display the pop-out menu. Scroll to and click the area/page you want to add.

For example: Content Area

      Add Content Area  

The Add Content Area window will appear. Enter a Name for the content area in the Name field. Click on the check box Available to Users. Click Submit.

add content area link