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Create Questions and Add to Assessment

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The basic question process is the same for all question types. The only difference is the question settings. When you create a question it's automatically stored in a question database or repository. This allows you to use the question in multiple assessments.

 You can create the following types of questions

  • Calculated
  • Combination multiple choice
  • Fill in the Blank
  • Jumbled Sentence
  • Matching
  • Multiple Choice
  • Paragraph
  • Short Answer
  • True False

From the Build Tab click on Assessments assessment 

The Assessment window will appear and display a list of those Assessments that you have created. Locate the Assessment and click on the Assessment Title. The Assessment window will appear.

assessment window

Click on Create Questions and the question type drop-down menu will appear.

question drop down menu

Select the type of question you want to create.

Note: Since there are so many question types and options, please refer to the LMS documentation by clicking Help in the upper right-hand corner of the LMS window. Help is screen specific.

Once your questions have been created, click Add to Assessment. Place a check mark next to the question(s) you want to include in the quiz. Click Add Selected. Modify the Points for each question and click Update Total.

Click on Assessments to return to the main Assessment page. Click on the action link button action link button located to the right of the Assessment you're creating and select Edit Properties. Click on Show Item and select how you want to:

  • have the questions delivered
  • display the Assessment
  • duration of the Assessment
  • the number of Attempts
  • student score
  • dates available

Click Save.