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Edit/Manage Content Item

You can manage your content areas by editing, copying, moving, deleting, reordering, and hiding items.

When you hover over the name of a content item, the options for the item will display.

  edit content

Edit will let you change the Item Name, text color and hide the content item.

  edit name

 Hide Content

Scroll down to Permit Users to View this Content option. Click No to hide the item.

hide content item

Copy or Move will let you copy or move an item within the course by selecting only the Destination Folder or to another course by selecting both the Destination Course and Destination Folder.

  copy content

Note: only those courses you have access to as the Instructor will appear in the Destination Course drop-down list.

When finished, click Submit.


Delete will remove the link only in the course to the file. The file will still remain in your course files.

  delete content

A Delete confirmation window will appear. Click OK to confirm the delete.

  confirm delete

To Reorder an item, hover over the item.

Reorder Content Items

Hover over the name of a content item. Click and drag the double-ended arrow to the left of the Content Item name to the desired location and release.

reorder item