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Create Course Link

The Course Link option allows you to create a shortcut to an existing content area, tool, or item.

Navigate to the page you would like to add a Course Link and hover over Build Content.

  build content

A drop-down menu will appear. Under the Create column, scroll to and click Course Link.

   create course link

Click Browse.

  course link browse

The Select Course Link: pop-up window will appear. Scroll to and click the Course Item you want to link to.

  select course link

The Name and Location will auto-populate. You can change the Name and the Name text color. Do Not attempt to change the Location as this is the course path to the link you selected. Optional: you can enter a description in the text editor field.

  course link name

You can change the course link options to permit users to view the content and/or track number of views, as well as, select date and time restrictions.

  folder options

When finished, click Submit.