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Uploading Files via WebDav (All Other Browsers)

In this section

Make sure you are on the Build tab

build tab

Select File Manager located under the Designer Tools

file manager

Left-click on the ActionLink button located to the right of File Manager.

file manager


Left-click View WebDAV Info

. webdav info

A pop-up window appears, displaying the server path to the folder in the Folder path text box.

webdav path

Make sure all the text is selected in the Folder path text box. To copy the text, press Ctrl C.

From your Windows desktop, double-click the My Network Places. my network places

  1. Left-click Add a network place. The Add Network Place Wizard window appears. add network place
  2. Left-click Next. Select Choose another network location and left-click Next.
  3. Make sure your cursor is in the Internet or network address: text box and press Ctrl V to paste the text you copied from the WebDav Folder Path. Left-click Next.
  4. Enter your RCS UserId and Password and left-click OK. The What do you want to name this place? appears. Enter the name of your course and left-click Next.
  5. Left-click Finish in the Completing the Add Network Place Wizard.
  6. Re-enter your RCS UserID and Password and press Enter.
  7. The webdav folder will open.


You can now drag and drop files from your computer to your course. Once you've added all the files, close the WebDav folder by clicking the close button in the upper right corner.

Once you've uploaded your files, you have to add a link to the file.